Letters to the Editor

Clearing up dust issue

Various comments from friends and neighbors and statements in The Tribune prompt me to attempt to clarify a few points related to dust pollution from the Oceano Dunes.

First, Nipomo Mesa residents do not live with “sand driftng from the dunes,” which ostensibly would happen all along the coast. The threat to our health is from silica dust, akin to talcum powder, which is the result of Off Highway Vehicle activities.

According to every Air Pollution Control District along the coast, we are the only place that has PM silica dust pollution. We are also the only area that allows riding on the beach.

Second, the recent Court of Appeal decision regarding the dunes and Rule 1001 is not related to the Mesa Community Alliance lawsuit against State Parks OHV Division and the county. The Mesa Community Alliance suit continues.

Third, the Court of Appeal decision does not overturn Rule 1001, designed to resolve the pollution problem. It only spoke to the county APCD’s ability to issue a permit, not to its ability to regulate air pollution from the OHV Park.

Finally, efforts to resolve this issue do not, and have never, promulgated the idea of closing the OHV. The solutions to this problem are known and can be achieved inexpensively while maintaining park activities.