Letters to the Editor

The joke’s on us

It’s fitting that The Tribune’s article, “City of SLO to look into buying power from renewable sources” was published on The Tribune’s website on April Fools’ Day.

San Luis Obispo residents are already buying power from renewable sources. In fact, PG&E is the nation’s No. 1 ranking large power producer in energy efficiency savings as a percentage of sales, and No. 3 in renewable energy as a percentage of sales, according to a report by Ceres Inc.

So what is community choice aggregation really about if our power is already green? Simply put: CCA is a power grab. The April Fools’ Day article states, “Once formed, a city, county or joint powers authority would determine the sources of energy but would partner with the local utility to provide electricity transmission, maintenance and billing.”

In other words, functions that were performed by a private enterprise will be taken over by a government bureaucracy.

Do we really need to create another government agency to determine the best way to live? And who are the people pushing this agenda while offering to perform a free feasibility study?

What’s in it for them?

Somebody needs to be the adult in the room and ask serious questions. Otherwise, the joke is on us.