Letters to the Editor

Reducing carbon use

This month we will celebrate Earth Day, a day that has never been as vitally important to every person on Earth as it is this year. Although we have observed it for 45 years, our progress in protecting the Earth from catastrophic warming has been regrettably slow.

The United States government is predicting that climate change disasters could soon be costing us more than one trillion dollars annually. We must act now to prevent this.

Luckily, we have a window of real hope. Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers are working diligently to pass revenueneutral carbon fee and dividend legislation (CFD). Doing so would mean that we would put a steadily increasing fee on carbon and then return all fees collected to each and every household in America. As fossil fuel becomes more expensive under CFD, renewable energy becomes more economically feasible.

This strategy has proven to be successful in British Columbia, Chile, Ireland, and Boulder, Colo.

On April 22, let us all join the “Parade of Progress” by asking Congress to enact CFD legislation, joining Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and personally committing to reducing our own carbon footprint in every way possible.