Letters to the Editor

Thanks from grocery

I have lived in Los Osos since 1976 and worked at the Williams Brothers/Vons/Haggen grocery store site for the past thirty years. I have seen the town, the store and the people change with each passing year.

Recently, Vons became Haggen Grocery, and once again people in Los Osos are having to deal with a change in their community. I am writing to thank all the people of Los Osos who have been so wonderful over the past weeks and years.

Our customers are the best, and we appreciate you so much. Everyone showed so much care and concern for all the employees and our jobs.

Thank you for being the wonderful community you are. Our store is changing. We are in transition. We are trying to make the transition as easy as possible. Some things are difficult, and things are a bit crazy, but we will work out all the kinks, and it will get better. We are all the same faces, and we will do our best to make you, our customer, happy.

Thank you for believing in us. You are the best.