Letters to the Editor

Parker is superficial

How can Kathleen Parker be so consistently superficial? On April 1, she analogized Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to the exercise of a “personal choice.”


Since when do personal choices factor into discrimination — even if based on religious beliefs — within the public and essentially secular marketplace?

Two weeks later, she attempts to describe Hillary Clinton’s political platform by extracting what she can from her brief video announcement and concludes that she has none. On the other hand, she praises Marco Rubio’s “yesterday is over” so-called platform.

I cringe to think that Ms. Parker is oblivious to the cavernous political disparities that exist between Tea Partier Marco Rubio and progressive Hillary Clinton.

But what I cannot bear is Ms. Parker’s mean-spirited (and again superficial) oblique reference to Clinton’s dermatologist (if in fact she has one).