Letters to the Editor

Focus on water

So Gov. Jerry Brown has finally recognized the drought. Other than calling for a 25 percent reduction, what else is he going to do?

He is pretty good at telling both Democratic (Bill Clinton) and Republican (Ted Cruz) candidates that they are unfit for office, but in my opinion, he has never been fit for office.

My recommendation is for him to abandon the high-speed rail project to nowhere in the Central Valley, since we might not have sufficient energy to propel it, and to start building a pipeline from the northern territories to transfer much-needed water to the “tarnished” state.

Alternatively, we could privatize all these feather-bedded government water departments and repeal many of the regulations that prevent innovation. The water would cost much more, but we would probably not run out, since the private sector values its resources much more than the public sector.

But who is listening? What difference does it make anyway?