Letters to the Editor

Tips during drought

I have just heard of the severity of your drought. The article on dying trees is only partly correct. The pollution smothers, but the drought causes excessive heat, which accelerates water loss.

Mature trees can have three years of water stored. When it’s used up, they can die so suddenly that you’d think they were sprayed. Removing hard surfaces to the dripline can help reduce the temperature in the root zones. I hesitate recommending organic or tire mulch, because of the water required to make them fire resistant. Cleanburning fireplace inserts could reduce particulates in the air.

I would like to give the residents of the Cambria area a small gift in recognition of their water conservation. When you are expecting morning dew or fog, leave your cars outside. They can be cleaned by just toweling off the moisture! This works better with a partner, who follows right behind for a more thorough cleaning. Keep up the great work.