Letters to the Editor

Diablo is a concern

The following comments by Rochelle Becker, executive director of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, are of grave concern, and I endorse her recommendation for follow-up action by the California Public Utilities Commission.

PG&E’s self-congratulatory announcement (released on March 12) that “New Analyses Show Diablo Canyon Safe From Extreme Natural Events” seems based on limited data and questionable conclusions.

The PUC assigned an Independent Peer Review Panel of seismic experts to analyze the AB 1632 studies in the PG&E submittal. The panel questioned the paucity of data used to compute the ground motion predictions for shaking at Diablo Canyon that allowed PG&E to declare the facility “safe.”

The panel had concerns about the adequacy of using only two earthquakes in estimating the site-specific term and made recommendations that PG&E has not addressed. Thus, questions about the fundamental basis for PG&E’s declaration of safety have gone unheeded and unanswered. PG&E also declined follow-up meetings.

The PUC should insist that objective and unbiased review be brought to bear, lest PG&E paint a toxic and costly whitewash.