Letters to the Editor

Use water meters

Considering the current drought problems, one would think that we all would be shouldering our share of water-use costs and conservation efforts.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and an investigation of non-metered water connections to residences and businesses reveals that more than 255,000 California homes and businesses still do not have water meters.

Non-metered residences are typically charged a flat rate of $20 to $35 a month, and use 39 percent more water per capita than the state average. Common sense dictates that all households and businesses within the state should be required to pay their fair share for water usage.

AB 2572, requiring all water services in California cities to be metered by the year 2025, was signed into law in 2004. That was 11 years ago, and currently the deadline is still a decade away.

Even with all of the bureaucratic obstacles that might arise, 2025 is still an unacceptable target date. There has been talk in Sacramento to move this deadline forward. A letter, email or phone call to our state representatives might help.

Let’s balance the playing field a bit, and get the non-metered consumers on line.