Letters to the Editor

Change the priorities

Superintendent Jim Hogeboom and the Lucia Mar Unified School District Board have not yet addressed a plan to solve its lower pay policy for its teachers. The proposed settlement will be matched by competing school districts, leaving the pay differential issue unsolved.

The No. 1 priority should always be the classroom! That means quality teachers paid competitive wages, well-maintained facilities, and technology for the classroom and computer labs. And then administration and new programs.

Administrative pay according to Superintendent Hogeboom’s letter to parents, (stakeholder fact No. 5) is over 50 cents for each dollar paid to a teacher. Administration expenses should be the first place to consider for amending budget allocations.

This administration has spun its story very convincingly, but has it all wrong by not trying to significantly address the pay differential issue. The district’s business model can be reassessed and financial priorities can be changed!

And next will be the plea for a bond issue to repair neglected classroom facilities and beautify campuses, while the pay issue remains a thorn in the side of truly dedicated teachers. Superintendent Hogeboom seems to know how to do team building with the administrative staff, but certainly not with the teachers! Ugh.