Letters to the Editor

Shame water hogs

Mandatory (adj.) 1. required by law or rules; compulsory

As a resident of Templeton, it pains me to acknowledge the apathy I witness every day as it relates to water conservation in my community. My daily walks reflect a consistent number of homes watering daily, homes and businesses watering until there is runoff, homes and businesses watering the day after it rains, etc.

Is there something unclear about the severity of our drought? Do people believe water restrictions to be something “others” must abide by versus something that is required of us all? Where in the definition of “mandatory” is there a suggestion of flexibility?

It’s clear that we can’t expect all people to willingly participate in appropriate water conservation via the honor system, so what say we develop a plan to shame the heck out of them? In this day of self-absorbed social media idiocy, it certainly might be the only thing that gives them the incentive to care, if not about water use then about looking stupid.

And for those who claim ignorance of automated watering systems, until you master your ability to water appropriately, I have the perfect three-letter solution: “Off.”