Letters to the Editor

Be prepared for fire

Fire danger in our community comes not only from the flames of a fire. Embers from a wildfire can travel up to a mile from the fire. You can’t control where a wildfire ember will land, but you can control what happens when it does. Create defensible space on your property. Get the free brochure “Ready, Set, Go!” from the Cambria Fire Department.

Take pictures of your entire house and all its contents. Store one set of prints or digital copies in your car, send another set to a relative in another town. In addition to preparing, this will help you to file an accurate claim in the event of aloss. This process may make you realize how many family heirlooms, photos, tax records, etc. you have that your insurance will not replace. Think about your own safety and that of your pets. Then take another look at those beloved, yet flammable, tree branches or shrubs within 10 feet of your house.

We don’t have to wait for grants or outside agencies to protect our homes and community. Visit http://www.fireadapted.org  to learn about preparing in advance for potential wildfires. Every community member has their respective roles — learn yours today.