Letters to the Editor

Water first, developers

OK, developers, here’s the thing. In the past few weeks, large new projects have been proposed from Paso to Avila to Blacklake. Meanwhile, much is being asked of the communities and individuals on the Central Coast in the face of our extreme drought.

Don’t tell us the water will come from a new well (same aquifer) or from tapping into the Nacimiento pipeline or the state water allotments — there’s nothing there! Get real!

It’s time to put a hold on all expansion until this crisis abates. Even in building one house nearby, hoses are going full blast all day just to keep the dust down. Meanwhile, I and many others are catching all the house water we can in buckets to water our gardens, cutting back on showers and removing lawns.

I’m not anti-growth just pro-common sense!

People, if you agree, clip this and send it to your planning department. Protest.