Letters to the Editor

Celebrate Earth Day

A “Whole Earth Catalog” from 1972 is still in my library. A sense of optimism seemed to be afoot then, despite the ongoing Southeast Asian war. Now, on April 19, two Sundays after Easter, we will celebrate the 46th Earth Day. I am proud to know San Luis Obispo’s recognized local father of this day for half of my life.

Dr. Richard Krejsa is completing a book, “‘Between Floods,” from which he excerpted the following to me.

“22 Apr 1970. First ‘Earth Day’ celebration: An estimated 20 million persons demonstrate their support for environmental concerns during this nationwide event sponsored by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson and coordinated by Denis Hayes. The vast local turnout for this nationwide environmental ‘teach-in’ involves events held at 2,000 colleges and universities, as well as local citizen demands calling for protection of land, air and water.”

So, please do join us at El Chorro Regional Park from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, April 19. Support the many efforts being made to continue this recognition of what we all value. Citizens Climate Lobby will be there with a table promoting national legislation for a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend.