Letters to the Editor

All talk, no action

The Tribune had a nice article April 8 on the Pismo Beach parking problem.

We here in Avila Beach have a worse problem. Not only do we not have enough parking, for residents and visitors, but we also have only a two-lane road to our beautiful community, beach and Port San Luis Harbor.

In the year 2000, when the Avila Beach Specific Plan was certified by the California Coastal Commission, our parking and twolane road was discussed. Over the past 15 years, it has been discussed many times at meetings, but that is all I hear: talk, talk, talk — and no action.

I attended a hometown meeting recently, and four huge projects consisting of RV spaces, campground, cabins, hotels, conference rooms and much more were being proposed for our area. With our water shortage, parking and twolane road, I hope the county will correct all three of our problems before it considers issuing building permits for these projects. I have waited 15 years for our parking and road problem to be corrected. I don’t think these new projects should have priority.