Letters to the Editor

Support quarry plan

Regarding the Las Pilitas Resources rock quarry proposal: Las Pilitas Resources is a family-owned business with three important factors to consider: It’s (1.) an American-based company, (2.) a California-based company, and (3.) a locally based company.

Las Pilitas Resources believes in supporting its community; the company has shown an unwavering commitment to provide jobs within Santa Margarita and give back to our community financially. I hope our community leaders show their commitment to support locally-based businesses within our city, state and country.

I have personally known both owners of the company for five years. Both owners grew up here, are residents of Santa Margarita, and have raised their families here. They will be living here in the midst of this project with all the other residents, and they feel a strong responsibility to ensure their project impacts our community in a positive and financially beneficial way.

I urge Santa Margarita residents and the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to support the Las Pilitas Resources proposal.