Letters to the Editor

Pismo’s rail position?

I read with interest the article “Pismo to examine parking options” in the April 8 Tribune. It states that the city of Pismo Beach wants to attract more visitors and to add “to the resort feel of the area.”

I am therefore surprised that the city has not taken a clear position on the proposed Phillips 66 rail spur project, which will result in 20,800 rail tankers per year, loaded with potentially explosive Canadian “tar sands” crude oil winding their way along Price Canyon, through downtown Pismo, past senior RV resorts, parks and the butterfly grove, on their way to the refinery in Nipomo. These rail tankers will create significant air, noise and visual pollution, as well as the potential for fires, explosions and toxic smoke throughout Pismo Beach.

I call on the Pismo City Council to follow the lead of the San Luis Obispo City Council, and write to our county planning department, asking it to deny this dangerous proposal. As Tribune commentator Tom Fulks recently stated, “this project isn’t about the greater good. It’s about the singular benefit to one multinational oil corporation at a cost of the safety of the entire population living along the rail line.”