Letters to the Editor

Act locally on climate

David Sneed’s recent article about a program to fight climate change (“Vote allows preparation for climate change to continue,” March 29) reminds me of something we worked on 30 years ago.

There was concern about the Cold War and nuclear weapons. Beyond War was out to make a difference, and we were involved. Our mantra at the time was, “Act locally, but think globally.” And that is exactly what Sneed’s article points out. Many are working locally to make a difference on climate change.

And we need to encourage more efforts that will not only enhance our preparedness for the future, but will also encourage us to get involved on broader fronts. The simple bottom line of climate change, for me, is that it is first a national issue of utmost importance and obviously a global one of severe importance.

Waiting for real control over wellheads and tailpipes covering this planet will not help.

All leaders must act now.