Letters to the Editor

Build water supply

I applaud Dominick Lacovara for his “Water action needed” letter of March 24. In addition to his suggestions to increase water supply, I suggest we also recognize the following issues: Now is not the time to approve building projects that will use more water when we are already in short supply. Proposed projects would add hundreds of new homes and hotels. The ones that come to mind are Avila Beach, Cherry Canyon, Pismo Beach, Price Canyon, Arroyo Grande, Blacklake Golf Resort and the Paso Robles downtown expansion.

We really need a plan of action to increase supply before we add more users. If we can build a Keystone pipeline, we should be able to find water. The Central Valley is going to be desert.

Our legislators need to get together in Washington with our neighbor states and find water. A pipeline from the Columbia River to California, maybe? William Mulholland did it for Los Angeles 100 years ago. We can do it, too.