Letters to the Editor

Tribune or tabloid?

The recent photograph of Andrew Gilbertson and the accompanying headline, “Accused bank robber eats his feces in court,” are the most recent examples of The Tribune’s disturbing tendency to splash the most lurid elements of local stories across Page 1. Previous frontpage stories provided grisly details of the Dystiny Myers case and sordid tidbits about the 2007 Houlgate killing.

These stories are legitimate news, but The Tribune features the most sensational elements on Page 1. That’s what I expect from a supermarket tabloid, not a newspaper that, like The Tribune, purports to be “committed to quality journalism.”

Whatever Mr. Gilbertson may have done, he is clearly a very disturbed person. Putting his photograph on Page 1 and headlining a shocking behavior adds nothing to my understanding of his alleged crime or any significant local issue.

The Tribune is our local paper, and there is plenty of local news to report.

I hope The Tribune will live up to its commitment and deliver a solid Page 1.