Letters to the Editor

Waste of tax money

I live in Arroyo Grande and travel through the Brisco Road and Highway 101 interchange several times a week.

The Tribune’s article (“Road proposals ramp up in A.G.,” March 20) said there were two alternatives being considered for changes to that interchange, one costing $8.4 million and one costing $15.7 million.

Both of these alternatives are a complete waste of taxpayer money. There is nothing wrong with that interchange. Sure, it is a little more complex than some, but the lights there are well synchronized, and I almost always get all the way through the interchange in one green light.

So what is the problem they are trying to fix?

Saving 20 seconds to get through two or three closetogether lights is not worth $15 million and two years of construction delays.

This interchange is already faster than going through two nonsynchronized lights on the nearby intersection of Oak Park Boulevard and Highway 101. And nobody complains about that interchange.