Letters to the Editor

Taxes provide a lot

My favorite investment is paying my yearly federal, state and local taxes. My tax dividends are never ending:

My local government provides me with the following services: 911 services of firefighters, police and ambulances; recreation services of libraries, sport fields and parks; and other living services that include road repair, electricity, natural gas, water and trash collection.

My state government provides me with other important services such as: schools, teachers, DMV, state troopers, prisons, hospitals and endless hardworking state workers and elected officials.

Finally, my federal government provides me with safe travels with the FAA; ensures national security with the Department of Defense; the U.S. Fish and Wildlife protects my favorite plants and animals; and the FDA provides food standards and medical research. My favorite services are the 300 million acres of parks and forests that the national and state governments create and maintain.

Clearly, paying my country, state and local taxes always pays me back in dividends that I could never use up in one lifetime. Alone, I could never afford the goods and services that my country, state and city provide me.

However, together, we Americans do what none of us could do alone.