Letters to the Editor

Show compassion

Is being homeless a crime in San Luis Obispo?

My daily commutes in San Luis Obispo find me traveling past humans who are dressed in clothing that the “upscale” community may not regard as an appropriate image for the city. I am repulsed every time I see these people — most likely homeless — being harassed. Is the backpack they are carrying not couture enough?

Everyone goes past these humans and pays no attention that they indeed have rights, as we all do. I carry water and food in my car for those who are in need. Maybe others in the community will start to act as such: a community.

Together, and only together, we can show compassion and help those who are in need. No home? A crime? I do not believe for one minute that taking advantage of these people by fining them for being homeless and not finding a solution that benefits our community as a whole will ever resolve our so-called image.

It is time this issue is addressed appropriately and that compassion for humankind is shown. Good thing our parking meters benefit the homeless community?