Letters to the Editor

Cheers for Tea Party

I don’t understand why your liberal opinion writer, Tom Fulks, is so afraid of the Tea Party.

I contribute to the Tea Party Patriots because what President Barack Obama is doing is blatantly unconstitutional (even he said that what he did regarding amnesty was not in the Constitution), and the Republicans are such wimps that they will not stand up to him.

What are the Tea Party Patriots for? Eliminate excessive taxes. Implement fiscally conservative policies at all levels of government. Promote free markets and promote civic responsibility. What is so frightening about that?

Am I a racist for supporting those ideals, as Leonard Pitts seems to think?

Mr. Fulks laments that we conservatives are better organized than the local liberals, and there is a good reason for that. You see, Mr. Fulks, we have an uphill battle every time there is an election, as we must not only counter the Democrats, but we must also contend with a liberal media, including The Tribune.