Letters to the Editor

An infiltrated U.S.

I understand why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to talk to President Barack Obama about his “negotiations” with Iran. Iran hates Israel (as do all the other surrounding Arab countries) and has almost completed its nuclear bomb, which will be aimed — as are other missiles — at Israel. And us.

Obama’s snub of Netanyahu was unforgivable. Thank God that Congress allowed him to inform the American public of this imminent danger facing us, as well.

Iran is financing a large percentage (along with Saudi Arabia) of the Islamic terrorists, including the Islamic State, which is even killing children. And Obama thinks he can negotiate with these people? This evil, which has publicly promised to take over the Western World, is growing rapidly, assisted by petro-dollars and technology.

America is now in the same position as we were prior to World War II. Had we not entered that war when we did, the entire world would have been conquered by Hitler. Even then, we watched as millions of Jews were slaughtered. Israel doesn’t intend to let that happen again. Would you?

Is 9/11 forgotten? How long before the foolish eyes of America’s deniers are opened? Hopefully before they too lose their heads, because the U.S. is already deeply infiltrated.