Letters to the Editor

More like Faux News

A recent letter touting the virtues of Fox “News” made me laugh. The chosen channel of the underinformed is an entertainment outlet for the right wing of America, not a credible news channel.

There are awards for news journalism, most notably The Peabody Awards, followed by the Emmy Awards for news, the Polk Awards, the Loeb Awards, the Edward

R. Murrow Awards, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards, the Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards and the duPont-Columbia Award, which is considered news journalism’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize.

Since 1996, the year of Fox News’ launch, there have been more than 750 of these prestigious awards for excellence in news reporting given to PBS, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg News, HBO and the BBC. Nickelodeon even won a Peabody Award for public service. These awards organizations recognize excellence in news quality and not popularity or commercial success.

How many news journalism awards has Fox News won? None! Fox News has zero awards for journalism.

It worries me that Fox “News” is watched by more people than other credible news sources.