Letters to the Editor

Psych facility needed

San Luis Obispo County may appear to be a lovely place to live. But if you or a loved one suffers with mental health issues, you could find no short-term inpatient help available here.

As a senior, I found that no psychiatrist in San Luis Obispo County takes Medicare, and many charge up to $200 per session, plus about $350 for the initial visit. The cost is enough to make one’s depression worse!

But there is hope. The proposed behavioral health hospital for 96 patients in Templeton would provide short-term care of up to about two weeks. This would help people get through crises such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar episodes, thus making our county not only a kinder but a safer place.

Plans for this facility near Twin Cities Community Hospital will go through a systematic approval process by the county Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Please participate in this process and give support for this muchneeded addition to Templeton’s medical district.

Because 1 of 4 Americans experience mental health issues in their lifetime, you or someone close to you may well need and appreciate this new hospital.