Letters to the Editor

Farewell, party on

Hello, all you San Luis Obispo party animals! It’s me, Mickey, the Free-Ride-Home guy. It’s hard to believe I have been parking out in front of the bars now for almost two years offering free rides home.

It has been interesting. Helped a few of you for sure. All that good karma, but there has been a dark side to this town. I have had a guy blow chicken on the back of my neck. Had to save some ladies from jerks. I had to use my stun gun on a guy. Dropped him like a sack of rice, it was interesting. Got some pimp after me. Please do not ask.

Otherwise, most of you students have been good to me. The San Luis Obispo police have been great, and I have done what I can to get drunks off the street. The cabbies want to kill me; I can understand this. Of course, Uber has ended the business side of getting people home. I did not start Free Ride Home for the money.

OK, why this letter?

I am outta here! I got a one-way ticket to Fiji. The South Pacific is calling me. Bye-bye, San Luis Obispo. See ya!

So do you want to save some lives? Want to stay up late with all the party animals? Do you like adrenaline? Got courage enough to take the Free-Ride-Home signs and put them on your car? Come on, San Luis Obispo, you must have someone in this town to take over my crusade. Email me at weedonmickey@yahoo.com  if you are interested.

Party on, SLO!