Letters to the Editor

Disturbing the peace

I have been visiting Morro Bay with my family for more than a decade. We love it!

Some of the things that attracted us to Morro Bay are the outdoor activities, the natural beauty and all the wonderful birds and sea animals. We love the quiet and the calm. The sound of gunshots and the disturbance of waterfowl spoil much of our enjoyment.

Several years ago, we spent Thanksgiving at the Inn at Morro Bay. We were woken up early in the morning by gunshots. My son started crying, our dog crawled under the bed and no one was able to get more sleep that morning. I still can’t persuade my family to go back for Thanksgiving.

Morro Bay is a bird sanctuary and a marine-protected area, and I don’t see how this is compatible with hunting birds. Unrestricted hunting enables a small, but vocal, group to disrupt the enjoyment of the public at large. I think that the legislators in the area should put pressure on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to adopt regulations that provide for a more balanced use.