Letters to the Editor

Find common ground

Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the March 14 volunteer project on the West Cuesta Grade, cleaning up microtrash at an illegal target shooting site.

Microtrash, such as glass shards and bullet casings, has serious impacts on the health of the surrounding ecosystem and its wildlife.

A total of 54 community members participated in the event, thanks to the effective collaboration of several different groups. Los Padres ForestWatch, Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers, U.S. Forest Service and a large group of boys from the San Luis Obispo High School swim team all spent a hot Saturday morning working on cleaning up this threat to our wildlife.

Not one of these groups could have been as effective on its own. But together, we were able to make a dent in this huge project.

In an area known for our saturation of nonprofits, collaboration is essential in order to make the best use of limited resources.

I encourage other community groups to start finding common ground with one other. We can do so much more when we don’t have to do it alone.