Letters to the Editor

Inspiring ridicule

To the San Luis Obispo City Council:

What are you guys smoking before your meetings?

I only ask because I read that you passed an ordinance to regulate offensive odors. Your “get-off-my-lawn” constituents are going to have a field day bothering the short-staffed police department with their “Officer, my neighbor smells funny” complaints.

And really? There are no other big issues facing the happiest city on Earth these days?

I guess it makes sense in light of one of your offered solutions after the “St. Fratty’s Day” party/debacle: banning people from getting on their own roofs.

As a former resident of San Luis Obispo, I follow San Luis Obispo news regularly and am consistently amused and amazed by the shenanigans of the Cal Poly “students.” The only thing that staggers me more is the response from the powers that be, both city and university.

I read that the city and Cal Poly were held up to ridicule after the “St. Fratty’s Day” news was picked up by the national news organizations.

Pass more ordinances like the Odious Odor Ordinance, and the laughs will keep on coming.