Letters to the Editor

Water action needed

While we can’t make it rain, we can do more than simply conserve water to ease consequences of chronic severe drought. I have two suggestions, requiring coordination of state and federal resources.

First, we must commit to construction of desalination plants, which take advantage of the unlimited supply of water in the ocean. Santa Barbara disassembled its plant after a wet winter lulled the citizens into complacency. How short-sighted.

Second, as we have constructed our interstate highway system and pipelines transporting natural gas and oil across broad spans of the country, is to develop a network of dams and other types of water collection facilities and pipelines to transport water from flood-plagued areas to those suffering drought. Imagine the jobs these projects would create and what a boost they would be to not only California’s economy but also our national economy.

Our drought problems are also the nation’s problems. California already has an aqueduct system, but not enough water to properly fill it.