Letters to the Editor

Deal for world safety

A frequently repeated argument against any nuclear arms deal with Iran is that we want it more than the Iranians do.

Of course we do! Who in the developed world wants a nuclear-armed Iran? The United States wants a deal for the world’s safety. Iran wants to get out of sanctions, which harm its economy. The dictatorship has little concern for its people or their well-being. They are a country ruled by Sharia law, a brutal, medieval form of justice based on fear.

If the Republicans don’t want a deal — the best deal possible — it puts them in the company of a very small crowd: Iran and Israel. We learned how much the Israeli population wants a nuclear arms deal when Netanyahu was re-elected.

As to our Republicans in Congress, who claim a mandate from the last election — only 27 percent of eligible voters participated. Their mandate is a fantasy. Republican congressmen are not statesmen; they are self-interested lawyers who are doing their masters’ bidding. Sen. Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran, signed by 46 fellow Republicans, seeks to discredit the president and the country. He is willing to bet on the future of the world and expects negotiators to call Iran’s bluff.