Letters to the Editor

Don’t build in Avila

Many Avila Beach residents are alarmed by proposals that threaten to unsustainably expand development in our scenic coastlands.

With four years of drought and gloomy water prospects, we are all working hard to conserve water. It’s frightening to think of new hotels and houses needing more and more water that we simply don’t have.

Wild Cherry Canyon development could include 1,500 units and a hotel. Where is the water coming from to support this tripling of residents in Avila? How are our roads going to support all those cars? We already have heavy traffic on many days. How is everyone going to evacuate in an emergency? We are in a high fire area next to a nuclear power plant!

Wild Cherry Canyon is an ideal location for a state park. Many people have been working for years to make this happen, only to see the deal fall through several times. Allowing development will forever foreclose this incredible opportunity.

We urge everyone to consider the negative impacts and shortsighted thinking of adding so many houses and other structures to Avila Beach. Tell your supervisor to deny any new land entitlements. The developers must comply with existing zoning rules, which wisely protect the land.