Letters to the Editor

Gnats are a warning

I can attest to the annoying situation caused by warming weather on our Central Coast (“Pesky gnat population on the rise,” March 19).

I had a much-loved ficus tree in my house that grew beautifully for years in a sunny corner of my dining room. When the tree became too big for its pot, I transplanted it into a bigger one, added lots of new potting soil and watered frequently. Within a short time, I had an uncontrollable gnat infestation in the house. Although I tried all of the home remedies I could find, nothing, including toxic sprays, killed the gnats in the soil.

Sadly, my beloved ficus now sits outside slowly dying in the sun, gnats wildly proliferating. Pests, drought, rising temperatures, dying oceans — positively biblical!

Until we take action to tax carbon and slow the “greenhouse effect,” we can and will experience more of these unwelcome “pesky” changes in our environment.

Write to Congresswoman Lois Capps and ask her to co-sponsor revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend legislation this year. Nothing else matters if we don’t have a livable planet.