Letters to the Editor

Health insights

I would like to add to the letter of March 11 by Kristie Dart, (“Soda warning unfair”).

If you learn that someone has lung cancer, please think twice before your first question is “did you smoke?” There are lung cancers that are not smoking related. By asking the question, you are telling the person that you believe they brought it on themselves and are therefore not deserving of comfort or compassion. This may not be your intent, but it is hurtful.

I feel for Ms. Dart’s child and understand that the rigors of constant vigilance is daunting; however, her reference to Type 2 diabetes being often prevented by diet, weight loss and exercise is not entirely accurate.

In Type 2 diabetes, the body cannot recognize the insulin that it creates. Sometimes changing lifestyle helps, and in other instances, such as my own, the use of drugs and/or insulin is required.