Letters to the Editor

Ensure safe environment

We, as leaders and members of Cal Poly Greek life, would like to sincerely apologize on behalf of our student body to the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo communities in regard to the event that took place on March 7.

We do not condone the reckless behavior that took place at the unfortunately titled event, “St. Fratty’s Day.” We have the utmost respect for the San Luis Obispo community and its residents. Disruptive social gatherings are not how Cal Poly students show their respect. Our Greek organizations are built on selfless service, academic excellence, personal growth and lifelong relationships.

We are committed to the safety of our members, demonstrated by our extensive risk management and bystander intervention policies. We acknowledge that individual members within our Greek community were among the thousands of Cal Poly students who participated in this disastrous event; that is not what we stand for, and it is not who we are.

The roof collapse serves as a shocking wake-up call to the dangers of an uncontrollable event, and we are thankful that there were not more serious injuries.

We call on all Cal Poly students to join in Greek life’s commitment to the prevention of dangerous and unruly gatherings in the future that can severely impact the greater San Luis Obispo community. It is our duty as members of Greek life, as members of Cal Poly and as members of the San Luis Obispo community to ensure a safe and responsible social environment.