Letters to the Editor

Illusion of control

Regarding the student antics of March 7, I live in the affected area where the party roof collapse took place and thus have a vested interest in creating a lasting solution.

In the past year, Cal Poly has had several meetings about new dormitories. At these meetings, Cal Poly assured the neighborhood that it plans to control noisy parties and rude behavior by students.

I am not sure how, when we have an additional 1,500 freshman living in the new dorms, these events can be controlled. Having witnessed firsthand the events of March 7, I believe that Cal Poly’s perceived control of student behavior is nothing but an illusion.

It is my opinion that the college needs to take a more draconian step against the organizers and attendees of these events. Expulsion or suspension from school for a fixed period of time would be a good start. When students realize that bad behavior will result in suspension or expulsion from school, they may take a more cautious approach to planning or attending such events.