Letters to the Editor

Time for sanctuary

The voices of propaganda are using scare tactics against creating the new and much-needed Chumash Marine Sanctuary. In a recent letter, one fisherman said, “look before you leap,” and that a sanctuary would cause problems. But the truth is, we need a sanctuary because there already are problems. Namely, these guys fished out the ocean!

Fishermen should have looked 30 years ago, before being relegated to fishing 200 miles out (in Fukushima radiation), thousands of feet down, and for fewer and fewer desirable species.

These fishermen all live along a river in Egypt called Denial.

As director of the Ocean Outfall Group, I urge that if you don’t want to look out at North Point and see oil rigs, sewage plumes, dead whales and a huge desalination plant, join us now and support the new Chumash National Marine Sanctuary — an idea whose time has come.