Letters to the Editor

Future of socialism

To care about child care costs, you need to be concerned as to why child care is so expensive. Also, what are the goals of government schooling and indoctrination?

In California, there are one-size-fits-all theme regulations on child care providers. They limit how many children can be cared for per employee, regardless of the ability of the provider or the facility to handle more.

By mandating this staff-to-child ratio, mandating the wage paid to the providers and mandating the facility requirements, the state has de-facto mandated a very high cost of child care! We removed the free market from child care, and costs have skyrocketed!

Establishing government-run child care centers to curb costs, as Petula Dvorak from The Washington Post suggested, would be letting the government raise your children. Russia’s Lenin said that if he could get the kids while they were in preschool, he’d have them for life. Think about that. Support government-mandated preschool and universal child care, and you are supporting socialism in America.