Letters to the Editor

Nuclear stupidity

It is utterly stupid to try to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. Israel has them, as well as other second-world countries. And none have used them. It is only we, the United States of America, that has used them. It is us that the world has to fear concerning nuclear weapons. Not Iran, not North Korea, not Israel, not any country but us with our hot-heads. The gung-ho crowd was planning to use them against Russia in light of the threat of the Russians installing nuclear weapons in Cuba.

Today we still have hotheads in Washington, and around the country, eager for us to use them against any of the imaginary perceived threats they can get Congress to swallow hook, line and sinker.

It is the ordinary people, just like us, in Iran who are suffering from the sanctions we have imposed on that country. Not their government, not their politicians, not their religious fanatics; but good, decent, honest Iranian fathers, mothers and their children, who have to go without things because of the insanely high prices due to these utterly stupid sanctions.