Letters to the Editor

Opportunistic speech

In his spirited defense of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s interference into American politics, Charles Krauthammer on March 6 described President Barack Obama’s comment that, “The prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives” as “petulant.”

To me, that comment was not petulant — but perceptive. The Israeli prime minister, after rejecting the usefulness of current negotiations, offered the notion of stronger economic sanctions and, if they failed, war.

And why this drastic alternative? Because, said Netanyahu, Iran would be a mortal threat to the very existence of Israel should it ever acquire a nuclear weapon.

But Iran has no nuclear weapon, while the United States and Israel have more that 2,000 with means of delivery. To believe that Iran is a threat to Israel’s very existence is to believe that the government and people of Iran are all mad and ready for annihilation, which would be their fate should they ever attack Israel.

Krauthammer describes Netanyahu’s speech as Churchillian. I describe it as opportunistic oratory.