Letters to the Editor

GOP is disrespectful

The Republican party may have permanently jumped the shark with its latest foray into international “diplomacy” by sending an ill-advised letter to the leaders of Iran. They warned not to trust President Barack Obama because he’ll be gone in two years, while they may be around for “decades” — a scary thought indeed.

On the heels of their similarly unthinking invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress without White House knowledge, they continue a pattern of utmost disrespect to this president and ultimately the country they supposedly represent.

How many more threats of shutting down the government, decimating voting rights, ignoring environmental problems, refusing to allocate money for badly needed infrastructure repair and continuing on a daily basis to spotlight their gender and racial bias before we collectively say: “Enough”?

Their inability to actually govern is demonstrated on a daily basis. They can’t even agree amongst themselves on legislation. I will go way out on a limb and predict they will do nothing substantive for the next two years but will have ample time to continue their witch hunts into Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s emails until the cows come home or they themselves are put out to pasture.