Letters to the Editor

Look before leaping

There is an extremely important decision facing our county that needs the attention of all of us. This issue is the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. There are currently four sanctuaries in the waters off the state of California.

The cities and towns along the coast of California have a united group called California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference, otherwise known as C-MANC. Our local harbors and harbor cities belong to this affiliation.

Currently, they have a legislative policy statement concerning marine sanctuaries. In this statement, they mention their support for sanctuaries as conceived, and go on to list five areas of problematic issues and broken promises.

Their recommendation at the end of this legislative policy statement recommends suspending the expansion of existing sanctuaries until the problems identified are resolved.

Please perform due diligence on this extremely important issue. If our neighbors to the north and south of us are having continuing problems, why would we invite the federal government into our beautiful Central Coast and bring those problems here?

Please look before you leap.