Letters to the Editor

Care before fear

On March 3, the Pismo Beach City Council put aside its fears and myths surrounding mobile medical marijuana dispensaries and voted to table its ban until any “adverse impact” occurs, Mayor Shelly Higginbotham stated.

Council members heard residents and dispensary owners justify that the real “adverse impact” here is the banning of mobile dispensaries from county residents who need it most.

Even police Chief Jake Miller admitted there’s been no real “adverse impact” to our community from mobile dispensaries. This is the only alternative many of these legitimate patients have for any relief and semblance of some quality of life since the countywide restrictions against brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

We sincerely hope our council members have learned not to rush to judgment, as they did at the Feb. 17 meeting, because of fear or lack of knowledge, without thorough research and input from the citizens they represent.

Thank you for placing those in need and those who have followed the law above your fears and misinformation, and for not letting yourselves be ruled by those few who have ruined the reputation of what medical marijuana was truly meant to achieve.