Letters to the Editor

Note incredible kids

Thursday, March 19, is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day! It’s a day that Camp Fire has sponsored for the past 19 years. Camp Fire is a national youth development organization. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is a national letter-writing campaign for adults to stop and recognize a special young person in their lives by writing a letter of love, support and encouragement. This is a wonderful way to celebrate some incredible kids in our community.

I would like to encourage every adult to write a letter to a special child in their lives and let them know how special they are and why.

Camp Fire’s goal is for every child across this nation to receive a letter of love and support. You don’t have to be a Camp Fire member to participate. It’s open to everyone! You can download special stationery on our website to use for your letters. We also have some letterwriting tips and sample letters to help you get started. Go to www.campfire   centralcoast.org  .

Please write your letter, text, tweet, or email so these special kids receive it on Thursday, March 19th!

We all know at least one Absolutely Incredible Kid in our lives! Let them know they’re appreciated!