Letters to the Editor

End mismanagement

When running for office, prospective members of the school board should read their job description. They hold the superintendent accountable. They hold the power and are ultimately responsible for the quality of education students receive.

The Lucia Mar Unified School District school board allows Jim Hogeboom to lead them around and spoon-feed them his distorted view of the state of our school district. How can the board stomach the high-priced outof-area consultants, the inhouse PR machine, the constant stream of outrageous travel expenses, from an overcompensated and undereducated superintendent? It is long overdue for the school board members to stand up for their constituency and demand that the No. 1 priority of the district is to close the grotesque pay gap that facilitates the stream of teachers who simply cannot afford to stay with LMUSD. Our students deserve it.

If the current board doesn’t understand their purpose, there will be plenty of retirees this year who are eager to run and replace the current out-of-touch board members. This is seeming more and more like the only path to normalcy where teachers can focus on teaching once again.

Email the board at board@lmusd.org   and demand an end to Hogeboom’s mismanagement!