Letters to the Editor

Obama’s warped reality

In his capacity as president of the United States, Barack Obama often speaks on important issues. His words are uniformly reliable.

Whether it is his representations about Obamacare; or his dismissal of Islamic State capabilities; or his chiding of Mitt Romney for believing that Russia represents a significant geo-political threat; or his belief that Yemen is a success story; or that a near doubling of our national debt on his watch was the right thing to do; or that acceding to Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions is wise; or that bigger government, higher taxes, more regulation and controlled labor markets create new jobs — he has been consistently and reliably wrong.

As much as I wish it were otherwise, the president’s rigid ideology appears to render him incapable of recognizing or admitting to the reality of anything, and this has caused a loss of credibility for himself and our country, making the world a far more dangerous and less stable place than it was when he took office.

It is no surprise that the genius who gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is the first Nobel committee chairman to be demoted in over 100 years.