Letters to the Editor

Transgender silence

I believe students in our county are becoming more accepting of lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals. However, the transgender students in our county have yet to see the same level of acceptance.

I have had many friends identify as lesbian or gay, and they’ve been generally comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. I’ve had only one friend who was openly transgender.

Looking back at her negative experiences, I understand why so few people who are transgender choose to be open about it in high school.

When my friend began wearing dresses, skirts and makeup to school, the backlash from fellow students was horrible. They would stare, point, snicker and say terrible things about her as she passed.

I learned from her that true strength is the ability to overcome adversity. And for her sake and the sake of other LGBT people, I will continue to fight this battle until every transgender person can feel comfortable without being judged and all people can be with the person they love, regardless of gender.