Letters to the Editor

Gifts keep on giving

The children and families of the Child Development Resource Center would like to express our humblest gratitude to the members of the Central Coast Funds for Children organization that donated new pairs of shoes to each and every one of our children this holiday season.

While many donors give the gifts of toys at the Christmas season, the members of Central Coast Funds for Children thought deeply about what will make the county’s neediest children the most successful in the coming year. Their choice to outfit all of our center’s children with new, durable shoes has proven to be so beneficial for our children who have been on their feet much of the day in all kinds of weather these past two months.

Because of the high costs of multiple pairs of shoes for each child, parents can’t always afford sturdy shoes for growing feet, something that really does make a difference in how children develop.

From the bottom of our heart, the children of CDRC wish to thank the members of Central Coast Funds for Children for their generosity this holiday season. These thoughtful gifts have kept on giving into spring!